Computer Upgrades - Broken Parts

High-Quality Screen Replacement

Is your laptop screen cracked, dim, or showing signs of wear?
Our skilled technicians will replace it with a brand-new, high-quality screen

Keyboard Replacement

Sticky keys? Unresponsive buttons? We’ve got you covered
Our team will replace your laptop keyboard with precision - Type comfortably and efficiently once more!

Memory Upgrades

Want to boost your laptop’s performance?
We’ll upgrade your memory (RAM) for faster multitasking and smoother operation - Experience improved speed and responsiveness!

Hard Drive Upgrades

If your computer is experiencing booting issues, frequent freezing, or storage limitations, we provide hard drive replacements using top-notch Solid State Drives (SSDs). Our SSDs are not only high-quality but also affordably priced.
SSDs start up faster, produce less heat, and are more durable than HDDs

Graphic Card Upgrades

If you’re an avid gamer or need better graphics performance, consider upgrading your graphics card
Many non-gaming computers come with low-end graphics cards, so an upgrade can significantly enhance your gaming experience

Processor (CPU) Upgrades

Faster Loading Times: A faster CPU allows software to run more quickly, resulting in reduced loading times for applications and files
Smoother Task Execution: With an upgraded CPU, tasks such as multitasking, video editing, and rendering become smoother and more efficient
Improved System Responsiveness: A powerful CPU enhances overall system responsiveness, making interactions with your computer more seamless
The CPU plays a crucial role in determining your computer’s performance, so upgrading to a better processor can lead to a more enjoyable computing experience

Peripheral Upgrades

Remember to consider peripherals! Upgrading them can give your system a performance boost
Consider upgrading your keyboard, mouse, monitor, or other accessories to enhance your overall computing experience

For a comprehensive list of our computer repair services, please click here

"Enhancing your computer involves several upgrades. Invest in our services to elevate your computing experience!"