Service List

Name Description Price From
Computing Advice Struggling to choose the perfect laptop, desktop or printer? Need help choosing the best internet provider? Whether you’re a student gearing up for university, a professional working from home, or simply seeking the best tech for your needs, we are here to guide you! 19.99
Computer Upgrades We offer comprehensive laptop repair and upgrade services, including screen and keyboard replacement, RAM and SSD upgrades, graphics card enhancement, CPU optimization, and peripheral upgrades. £39.99
Health Check Expert technicians assess and optimize your system, update software, validate security, perform cleanup, and provide a report with performance enhancement recommendations. £59.99
Computer Setup We provide comprehensive PC setup services, including unpacking, connecting peripherals, setting up internet and security, system optimization, and safe data transfer from old to new systems. £39.99
System Boost Our technicians clean your system, remove harmful software, repair damaged files, and optimize performance for smoother operation and faster response times. £59.99
PC Clean Service
We provide thorough cleaning of your computer and monitor, ensuring debris-free internals and a crystal-clear, smudge-free screen for an optimal viewing experience. £29.99
Setup and Installation Systems get slow over time becoming clogged up with adware, spyware, viruses, trojans, Windows update reminants as well as temporary and junk files. We will give your system a good clean up removing uneccesary files and viruses and repair damages to system files. £59.99
Windows Installation nlock new features and functionalities to keep your Windows environment up-to-date. Our skilled technicians perform a thorough repair and upgrade of your Microsoft Windows system. Benefit from enhanced security measures, including robust protection against ransomware and other threats. Enjoy a seamless and faster web browsing experience. £49.99
PC Custom Build Opt for custom-built systems with our expert advice on budget-friendly components. We ensure seamless integration of parts and offer overclocking for enhanced speed and responsiveness. £99.99
Virus Removal Our virus removal service identifies and eliminates threats, repairs system damage, installs antivirus software, and provides follow-up support to ensure optimal computer performance. £39.99
MacBook Support We unbox, configure, and fine-tune your MacBook, handle software installations, iCloud setup, and troubleshoot issues for optimal performance and multitasking. £39.99