About Us

Welcome to Pure Computing, your trusted partner for all your computing needs. Based in the UK, we are a dedicated team of tech enthusiasts committed to providing top-notch computing services.

Our services range from setting up and installing home computing equipment to offering comprehensive repair and upgrade services. We specialize in diagnosing system performance, optimising software and security, and providing personalised advice on hardware components.

At Pure Computing, we understand that every user has unique needs. That’s why we offer custom-built systems, allowing you to choose the features and components that suit your requirements. We meticulously craft your system, ensuring seamless integration of components for optimal performance.

We also prioritise your system’s health and longevity. Our expert technicians perform thorough cleanups, removing unnecessary files and eliminating harmful software. We repair damaged system files, enhancing overall performance and ensuring smoother operation.

But our services don’t stop at the system level. We also offer peripheral upgrades and system cleaning services, enhancing your overall computing experience.

At Pure Computing, we believe in delivering quality services that exceed your expectations. Join us on this tech journey, and let’s create a seamless digital experience together!

Do not hesitate and call us now to discuss any computer issues and get your problem fixed - 07356 159 509